Science have reached so far to know the generation and evolution of LIFE…. we should be thankful to our LIFE and it’s Creator The Master behind the Science of LIFE.
it would have been wonderful if science can also visualize the Degeneration and Cessation of LIFE….
Our body becomes just a handful of Ash and bones after cremation or decay in the grave after burial.

I have a question why the saints and holy say do not fall in love with the body…it is not worthy.. If you want to love remember our work and love the way we lived… does it also imply to our beloved who have surpassed..why should we not remember or love them physically in the bodyform they appeared to be….

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Sachin Murdeshwar
Sachin Murdeshwar is a Sr.Journalist and Columnist in several Mainline Newspapers and Portals.He is an ardent traveller and likes to explore destinations to the core.

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