Choose Kenya as your next vacation spot for the upcoming winter


All India, 28th October 2016 (GPN) : With the festive season coming to an end and a dry November looming ahead, it is definitely the perfect time to leave for a long vacation. Kenya offers a great deal of locations which fit well with different kinds of social circles, from family to friends to even honeymoons and romantic getaways. Read on to know more about the diverse experiences Kenya has to offer.
Wildlife Safari: Yes, we are all aware of Kenyan wildlife safaris. What makes it unique is the diversity of games that Kenya hosts. From the big five to the small five, Kenya’s game parks, reserves and other wildlife protection areas host some of the wildest games which is the reason why this is home for the safari.
Adventures Galore: If you’re seeking an adventurous vocational spot, then there is nothing better than Kenya. It is a whole universe of highs and lows. There are various challenges that Kenya offers to those aiming for higher places. To name a few, there is Fischer’s Tower, high cliffs of Hell’s Gate National Park, snow capped peak of Mt Kenya and desert plains of the north.
Nightlife: The night life in Kenya is more alive, vibrant and exotic than any other place. Travelers can spend their evenings and nights in Nairobi’s exciting bars and nightclubs. Kenyans are known for their unique partying culture so you can make friends as you drink and dance the nights away. Night parties are the perfect way to spend evenings after basking in the sun.
Culture & Heritage: The best way to explore Kenya’s history and origin is through the museums and monuments. Kenya is also home to six unique world heritage sites identified by The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Visitors can connect to the history of Kenya through various exhibits dating back to the ancient age.
Coastal Life: If you’re a sea person, then Kenya’s white sandy beaches and white waters are the best possible way to spend the vacation. Mainland Coast is also one of the finest resorts where the cultures of the Coastal communities vibrate while the coastline North of Mombasa offers a world of enthralling history and natural beauty. The peaceful beach havens of Mtwapa and Takaungu offer an ideal escape from the outside world, with endless deserted beaches.
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