IndiaFirst Life launches a nationwide insurance awareness campaign


‘Because…’ – a novel campaign which reflects how insurance and retirement solutions enhance one’s life

MUMBAI, February 08, 2016: IndiaFirst Life, one of the youngest private insurers in the country has launched a communication campaign with the goal to educate customers about the importance of insurance and retirement solutions. Its vision is ‘to make life better’ by inspiring more people to protect and enhance their lifestyles and secure the smiles of their loved ones.

While sharing his views about this campaign, Mr. Rushabh Gandhi, Director- Sales & Marketing, IndiaFirst Life Insurance said:“Though it is a well-established fact that insurance solutions offer security and long-term savings, sometimes the obvious is not so obvious. With this simple yet hard hitting campaign, we are answering the most commonly asked question – ‘why buy insurance?’- because you have to protect what you love, because you have to protect your financial freedom, because you have to plan for the future.”

Life is a journey through different stages with changing priorities. It is the small moments of joy through this journey which create life long memories. Moments such as a happy husband and his pregnant wife thinking about their soon to be born baby, moments of happiness for a mother when she sees her newborn smile, moments when an aged father enjoys a joy ride with his young son and relives his childhood.

Emotions like these are at the center of this campaign, which help customers realize that those life moments that bring a lot of joy, also need to be planned for responsibly. It reiterates the importance of insurance as a long term savings, protection and retirement planning tool.

The campaign spreads across 20 states, 79 cities, 560 OOH sites in the form of hoardings, bus shelters, bus display panels and outdoor signage and a social presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This campaign brings out the inherent brand proposition of IndiaFirst Life Insurance of offering simple-to-understand products.


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