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MUMBAI,3 AUGUST, 2019 (GPN): This Indian beauty has looks that could kill and moves that would make people swoon. There are a certain style and attitude with which beautiful actress Shilpa Shetty cares herself. She certainly doesn’t look like the mother of a kid, to be honest. This is the right health time for you as well to learn from Shilpa Shetty for a fitness.

Want to know the secret to that? Well, staying healthy and fit of course. That’s what the actress says. Being healthy and being fit is the winning criterion for looking good body, mind, and soul. It is clear that she has her hands on every single exercise there.

We present some of the poses from Shilpa Shetty’s weight loss yoga:

Shilpa Shetty ~File Image GPN

Shilpa Shetty ~File Image GPN

1. Padahastasana: This is first posed in the list of Shilpa Shetty yoga asanas. You can use this pose to get a flat stomach. All you have to do is lift the arms above the head and exhale deeply. After that, bend forward gently and reach as far as you can go. Don’t strain the body balance. This yoga pose is an excellent one for flattening your tummy and it still inspires many to lose weight.
2. Makarasana: Lie on your stomach and stretch the toes in an outward directing. It is a very simple pose and that is why many people opt for it. one of the main benefits of this particular pose is that it provides the much-needed relaxation to your spine and back.
3. Dhanurasana: It is here that you make a bow with your body. Albeit a bit complicated but very beneficial once you get the hang of it. Strengthen the back muscles with this pose. It is certainly one of the most important ones from the Shilpa Shetty new yoga poses.
4. Ardha Salabhasana: The Asana is the perfect one for strengthening the muscles of the body. It also benefits the back muscles. Also, it proves to be a great pose for the stimulation of the nervous system.
5. Bhujangasana: The abdomen and the back are highly benefitted with this particular asana. It apparently stimulates the Swastika Chakra and regulates effective metabolism among the humans.
6. Utthanpadasana: Raise your legs up to a 90-degree angle after you lie flat on the ground. That’s how you do it. Utthanpadasana is a beneficial yoga pose which is a part of the Shilpa Shetty fitness routine. Helps in maintaining blood pressure.
7. Virabhadrasana: This asana is also a perfect pose for the strengthening of the arms, the lower back, and the legs. It also helps to ease the neck shoulder areas as well.
8. Vrikshasana: This asana helps to provide your body with the perfect balance and stability that you need. The shoulders and the knees also gain some considerable amount of strength from the asana.
9. Vyaghrasana: For the toning of the sciatic nerves, this pose is the best. It also helps in enhancing the digestion and strengthening of the abdomen. Blood circulation is improved as well.
10. Naukasana: The ‘Boat Pose’. As the name suggests, you make a boat shape with your body. This particular position has some great benefits in toning your leg and arm muscles. Also, the back muscles get some action here with Shilpa yoga.
11.Adho Mukha asana:In this kind of asana, you need to take the posture of a dog facing downwards. And as you do that naturally you feel a complete stretch at your legs, arms, shoulders, backs, and calves. In fact, you will feel that complete stretch which will help to put off weight. And this is again one of the best Shilpa Shetty weight loss yoga pose.
12. Uthkasana: Uthkasana or you can say the chair pose. Now to do the pose you need to sit like sitting on a chair pose with legs joined together and both the hands raised in the upward direction. The best thing about the asana is that it tones up the muscle in the lower portion of the back, spine, and chest. At the same time, it focuses on the muscles in the abdomen area as well.
13. Setu bandhaasana :This typical asana is also known as the bridge posture yoga. It mainly concentrates on the muscles in your abdomen area. Once you start doing the pose you will realize that it makes you release the pressure from the hip joint area and the spine. The remarkable benefit of doing this yoga is that it will make you have a good digestive system. At the same time keeps your blood sugar level under check. Now to do this posture you will have to lay flat and raise your buttock portion to a certain height with your hands in a locked position placed inside the waist area. Ends


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