Shibuii – A Pan Asian Restaurant launched with a star-studded fanfare at Bandra


MUMBAI, (GPN): Lavinia Hansraj, Nisha Jamwal, Chetan Hansraj, Roscoe Pereira, Raj Kaushal at the event in Mumbai – Photo By Sachin Murdeshwar


MUMBAI, (GPN): Lavinia Hansraj, Chetan Hansraj, Roscoe Pereira, Raj Kaushal at the event in Mumbai – Photo By GPN

MUMBAI, 1 AUGUST,  2019 (GPN): Another addition to the otherwise bustling Bandra district, Shibuii is one of the latest Asian dining destinations in Mumbai last night. Some prominent faces including Sohail Khan, Priya Dutt, Anand Rao, Raj Kaushal, Jitu Savlani, Deepak Bajaj, Kushal Punjabi, Chetan Hansraj & Lavinia Hansraj, Nisha Jamwal were present at the launch.

Shibuii offers contemporary Pan-Asian cuisine made with European and Mid-Eastern modernized techniques, prepared from the finest ingredients sourced from all over Asia (such as mangoes from Thailand and herbs from Hong Kong).

The menu has been curated from 10 Asian countries namely – China, Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Mongolia and Indonesia.

The luxurious bar area is thoughtfully laid out and boasts an extensive range of exotic wine and cocktails.

The highly trained bartenders make use of innovative mixology techniques and exotic ingredients to create a unique drinks collection!

Ushering in a new approach to Asian fine dining, Chef Milan Subbadispenses an exceptional craft presenting nuanced, nourishing flavours and dishes which are sublimely robust in their subtlety.

He has forged a style of his own with intuition and passion, drawing inspiration from around the world and celebrating exquisite ingredients with finely constructed flavours and meticulous presentation. Respectful of tradition yet dedicated to innovation, Shibuii is the new culinary dialogue.

Roscoe Pereira, Savio Fernandes and Ashutosh Mohanty – the dynamic trio behind the emergence of Shibuii believe that a high-end culinary experience should be relished as affordable luxury. Ends

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