April 2018

Speaker Panel at the press conference for the announcement of AAPI and USAID association for TB - Free India-Mr. Harish Shah, Joint Secretary, Yusuf Meherally Foundation, Mr. Anwar  Feroz Sidiqi, Chief Strategy Adviser, AAPI, Dr. Xeres Sidhwa, USAID, Ms. Jennifer Larson, Acting Council General, US Consulate Mumbai, Adv. Shri Raj Purohit, MLA of BJP and Chief Whip, Dr. Naresh Parikh, President, AAPI, Dr. Raj Bhayani, Co-Chair GHS 2018, Dr. Narender Saini, IMA and Dr. Purvish Parikh, Chair of Oncology Session - Photo By Sachin Murdeshwar

AAPI and USAID join hands for a TB-Free India

     AAPI Announces Health Partnerships      in India AAPI and USAID join hands for a TB-Free India; To Utilize the 100,000-Strong Network of Physicians of Indian-Origin Living in the United States to Diagnose…