Godrej Appliances sets new benchmark by launching India’s most power saving AC with 6.15 ISEER

Mr.Kamal Nandi,Business Head and EVP, Godrej Appliances & Mr.Sanjeev Jain, National Sales  Head, Godrej Appliances - GNSMr.Kamal Nandi,Business Head and EVP, Godrej Appliances & Mr.Sanjeev Jain, National Sales Head, Godrej Appliances- GPN

~ Only AC manufacturer in India to use theworld’s greenest refrigerant R290 that has minimum global warming potential, through its unique Green Inverter technology

~ Consuming only 453 units in the entire year, it saves 25% more power than a 5-star inverter AC

~ Targets 10% market share this summer in the 5-star AC segment with this launch

~ Strengthens its premium sub brand Godrej NXW product portfolio

Mumbai, Feb 23, 2018 (GPN) : In line with its brand philosophy of ‘Soch ke Banaya Hai’, Godrej Appliances, one of the leading players in the Home Appliances industry, launched India’s most power saving air conditioner with the highest ISEER rating of 6.15. This AC doesn’t merely meet the 5-starrequirements of the current BEE energy rating norms, but also complies with the 5-star requirements of the proposed BEE energy table of 2019, making it a future ready appliance.


Driven by the knowledge that air conditioners are power guzzling appliances and the biggest contributors to high electricity bills as well as responsible for global warming, the core design features of this product are based on power savingand eco-friendliness. The AC incorporates Godrej’s unique Green Inverter Technology, a smart combination of Inverter Technology and Green Balance Technology, which helps in achieving the highest energy efficiency, in the most eco-friendly way by using the world’s greenest refrigerant R290 that has zero ozone depleting potential and minimum global warming potential. It also incorporates another key feature, Eco Mode, which when activated results in 25% less power consumption.  The new Godrej NXW air conditioner with 6.15 ISSER also incorporates other advanced cooling features like 3X BLDC (brush less DC) technologyIntelligent Air Throw and User Defined Air Throw Technology, making it another thoughtfully made appliance with innovations that are relevant to its customers.  The new Godrej NXW AC, offers substantial reduction in power consumption as compared to any other AC in the market, beating its own record of last year.


Commenting on the launch, Mr. Kamal Nandi, Business Head and EVP – Godrej Appliances, said, “True to our promise of brighter living, at Godrej, our endeavor has always been to delight our stakeholders with innovative and relevant technology while also being true to our commitment towards environment. Sustainability is at the core of Godrej’s values. This is even more relevant when we talk of a power guzzling appliance like AC. Hence, year on year we have worked towards building benchmarks for the industry when it comes to energy efficiency. Our government is actively pushing energy conservation –  by tightening energy regime or by pushing public sector buildings to replace old inefficient appliances like Lights and ACs. As a responsible organization, we have been working relentlessly, year on year to go beyond the asks of the energy regime and deliver super-efficient Appliances. The new Godrej NXW AC with the highest rating of 6.15 ISEER is another leap in that direction. This best in class technology is also true to the premium positioning of Godrej NXW.”


Mr. Sanjeev Jain, National Sales  Head, Godrej Appliances, commented on the launch saying, “Appliances such as air conditioners consume excessive amounts of electricity and account for a major chunk of the monthly household electricity bill. Taking into account the consumers concern, we created the Godrej NXW AC with 6.15 ISEER- India’s most power saving green inverter AC that would help in saving an exorbitant amount of electricity leading to lower electric bills.  This AC is powered by Green Balance Technology which uses world’s greenest refrigerant R290, that has zero ozone depleting potential and minimum global warming potential. With this launch Godrej Appliances plans to strengthen its position and capture a market share of 10% in the 5-star AC segment by this summer, which is the peak season for air conditioners.”


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