‘Ban On Commercial Surrogacy Is Unethical’ Panel Discussion Hosted By Origin Foundation

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Mumbai, 17 May, 2017 (GPN)  : Motherhood is a privileged right of every woman, ban on Commercial Surrogacy is unethical,expert’s comments on proposed surrogacy bill in panel discussion organized by Origin Foundation at Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh.

Infertility specialist Dr Sandeep Mane has written the book “Surrogacy Dreams Come True”, which has been launched at Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh on Saturday.

A historic discussion by the esteemed panelists such as Dr Snehalata Deshmukh (Ex Vice Chancellor, Mumbai University), Kumar Ketkar(Senior Eminent Journalist), Jayshree Khadilkar(Editor- Daily Navakal)  and Sudesh Hinglaspurkar(Trustee- Granthali Publication) took place. It was felt that everyone wants Commercial Surrogacy to continue, but in a proper manner. It is a complex matter and every effort must be made by us to help our government in making the new law.

Dr Sandeep Mane said, “ I salute all mothers all over the world, including surrogate mothers. I reject the terms “Rent a womb, baby farms and baby factory and god only knows what else”. These terms cannot be coined by Indians, because mother is everything for us. I reject insult of motherhood be it in the form of commercial surrogacy. If our people do not accept commercial surrogacy, please ban it, but I will not accept the insult of badnaming it. They are not renting their wombs, they are donating motherhood.  They are donating lives and continuing the legacies of the couple.  My book wants to honor motherhood in every form. The couples who undertake surrogacy after prolonged trying deserve the highest respect for being together in their fight.”

As Mr Kumar Ketkar said , “Commercial does not mean unethical. It can very well be ethical. This is our challenge. To make sure that it runs ethically. Let us come forward to help the government in drafting the law.”

Dr.Snehalata Deshmukh suggested, “ Let us form an experts committee to review this new bill. After experts comments and suggestion, Government should implement new bill.”

EditiorJayashree Khadilkar concludes, “ New Bill proposes that the lady should take help of her blood relations like sister, daughter in law for surrogacy. This may become complicated, because the child will face the birth mother and the genetic mother in the same house.  This is practically not possible. We should see human angle also. Surrogate mothers should get good financial package for their future.  Their financial security should be ensured”.

Sudesh Hingalaspurkar also agrees that better financial package for such mothers should be arranged. Their health related problems should  be solved.

At the end of the discussion, Dr Sandeep Mane said, “ I will be sending a copy of my book to the parliamentary standing committee on Surrogacy Bill” He appeals people to send their suggestions and ideas about new Surrogacy bill oninfo@theoriginfoundation.com. It is our responsibility to make sure that the law is made correctly, so that future generations do not suffer.Ends.

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