Ek Diya Jawaano Ke Naam, a campaign by Rainforest


Mumbai, 29th October, 2016 (GPN) : Rainforest, a ‘Jungle’ theme based Restro-Bar has rolled out a new campaign this Diwali named as ‘Ek Diya Jawaano Ke Naam’. Diwali, celebrated with much pomp and glory at the end of autumn in India, is popularly known as “the festival of lights”. As bit by bit, every corner of the country lights up — with diyas, with the sparkle of a firecracker in the sky and with the brightest of smiles. While every Indian celebrates the festival pompously, there are soldiers who dont even remember when did they celebrate their last Diwali with their families. The purpose of the campaign is to establish an emotional connect between the civilians and the soldiers during festival. While conducting the campaign, Rainforest is giving away a Diya to the customers and urging them to light a lamp in the name of the brave soldiers who are guarding the borders so that everybody can celebrate this festival safely.
The whole idea of the campaign is to pay tribute to the ones who sacrifice their lives guarding the nation. While explaining about the campaign, Rohan Abbott, Partner, Rainforest says, “We all celebrate Diwali with a hoopla without even realizing that there are soldiers who can’t even wish their families. With this campaign we are playing our role in empathizing with the martyrs and their families. We are glad that our customers are also supporting us in this initiative”.

The campaign is constantly gaining momentum and turning into a social cause through their Social approach. It is receiving an immense participation in the digital platform as well.

The Rainforest is Forest theme- based Resto-Bar which is located in heart of Mumbai with its 4 exclusive outlet and offers an amazing Multi-cuisine dishes with an authentic Sea-food variety to spend an meal with the ‘Jungle” ambience and rejuvenate your body and soul. The concept of this place is to give the comfort by indulging with the people through their finger-licking dishes and refreshing mocktails and cocktails.

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