Kokuyo Camlin Launches Innovative First of its kind Colour Pen Pencils

Camlin Colour Pen Pencil - 12pc Pack

Camlin Colour Pen Pencil – 12pc Pack

Mumbai, July 27th 2016 Keeping its tradition of launching innovative products, Kokuyo Camlin Ltd; premier and pioneer stationery and art manufacturer have  for the first time in India introduced another innovation which is a mechanical pencil with color leads for coloring.
The Colour Pen Pencils concept is available in 2 SKUs, One which has all 12 shades in mechanical pencils and the other which has one mechanical pencil with 12 color leads – which is the economical offering for kids. This product will allow children to experience the benefit of mechanical pencil in colors and at the same time make the color pencils segment affordable.
Saumitra Prasad, Chief Marketing Officer said, “Mechanical Pencils offer children a great writing experience and also helps in protecting the environment due to non-utilization of wood. The color mechanical pencil is a unique and innovative product since it offers the dual combination of a mechanical pencil and Kokuyo Camlin’s expertise in the color segment – thus allowing kids an opportunity to experience these bright and attractive colored pen pencils.”
Available in bright attractive colors, the color pen pencils are available at all stationery and retail outlets across the country. 
The pack of 12 Colour Pen Pencils is priced at Rs 390/- whereas a single mechanical pencil with 12 colour leads costs Rs 75/-.

About Kokuyo Camlin Ltd
Kokuyo Camlin Limited  (formerly known as Camlin Limited) www.kokuyocamlin.com is in the business of  manufacturing and selling of art materials and stationery products under flagship brands ‘Camel’ and ‘Camlin’ which have been in existence for more than 80 years . The company offers a wide range of products such as Fine Art materials, scholastic colours and stationery, hobby products, office products, writing and drawing instruments, adhesives and notebooks.
In the year 2011, Kokuyo S&T ltd, a Japanese corporation engaged in the business of stationery, notebooks and school furniture acquired majority stake in the Company. Kokuyo S&T ltd is a 100% subsidiary of Kokuyo Co. Ltd., Japan. Kokuyo S&T’s product line includes office stationery, notebooks and office supplies.

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