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Company to Emphasize Commitment to Region-Specific Solutions with Focus on LINEUP AT ACREX INDIA 2016
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Mumbai, ( GPN ) : – Seeking to make deeper inroads into the Indian market, LG Electronics (LG) will present its full lineup of commercial air conditioning (CAC) and energy solutions at ACREX India 2016, an international exhibition for air conditioning, refrigeration and building services. This year’s installment of the largest annual air conditioning event in the region will be held from February 25 to 27 at the Mumbai Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC). LG will use its booth space D-1 in Hall No. 1, to highlight its flagship commercial HVAC solutions, with a strong focus on the corrosion resistant MULTI V IV. High-efficiency solutions such as the MULTI V Water IV and LG’s Hydro Kit will also be on display. This year, visitors to LG’s booth will have the chance to see comprehensive graphics depicting LG products installed at
prominent locations throughout India.
LG’s corrosion resistant MULTI V IV, the company’s latest variable refrigerant flow
unit (VRF) integrates sophisticated new technologies which effectively minimize energy loss under partial load conditions, giving the air conditioner a superb coefficient of performance (COP) rating of 4.79. Meanwhile, the Ocean Black Fin Heat
Exchanger’s dual layered and double-sided coating shield the MULTI V IV from corrosives like salt, sand and other elements brought in by strong sea winds, and even industrial pollution. The Ocean Black Fin and Dual Protection coating’s unique material and composition protect it against corrosion which also improves the durability of the MULTI V IV.
Particularly well suited for high-rise HVAC applications, LG’s fourth-generation inverter compressor gives the MULTI V Water IV the widest operational range in the industry with an impressive 5.5 COP (PHE type). The MULTI V Water IV also registers a superior integrated part load value (IPLV) of 6.73. The model’s operational efficiency has been improved via a range of intelligent functions, and installation is now easier than ever thanks to the MULTI V Water IV’s reduced dimensions and weight. LG’s revolutionary HVAC incorporates a versatile Shell and Coil heat exchanger which helps it maintain these lofty performance standards, even if it is connected to an impure water source.Designed primarily for buildings that require a large, dependable supply of hot water, LG’s Hydro Kit is well suited to a wide range of commercial and public sector applications. LG’s new product also provides considerable installation flexibility and an eco-friendly performance with fewer CO2 emissions. The compact, modular design of the LG Hydro Kit translates to exceptional flexibility for architects and HVAC system designers. Installation options are further multiplied as no duct work is necessary for the expulsion of exhaust gas. The Hydro Kit’s supreme versatility makes it suitable for a whole host of facilities, including hospitals and hotels.
“We’re excited about our new HVAC solutions, which are surely going to help business
owners in the region. By focusing on the specific needs of the Indian market, LG is on track to take a leadership position in the industry, which will benefit the entire HVAC community,” said Mahendra Agarwal, Vice President-System Air-Conditioners, LG IndiaAt ACREX 2016, LG will also showcase its wide range of CAC solutions such as Chillers, AHUs and Air Conditioner Control Systems (ACS).
LG Electronics (LG), a global leader in home appliances, air conditioning and air quality systems is showcasing cutting edge range of innovations in RAC (Residential air conditioners) and energy saving solutions on 25th
edition of ACREX India , the largest international exhibition for air conditioning, refrigeration and building services at Mumbai.

Keeping in mind increasing dependency on air conditioners in Indian households, LG’s successful attempt to blend goodness in to our lives with the creation of extraordinary products will be witnessed at LG’s booth D-1, hall no.1 under the theme, “Tomorrow’s Technology today‘s Savings” at the Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC), Mumbai. For the first time in India, LG India is showcasing its advanced range of Air conditioners that are loaded with cool features supported by smart inverter technology which reduces energy consumption by up to 66 per cent and ensures ultimate savings on power tariff after 2 years of purchase, during which investment occurred is recovered. Bringing together the best of its technologies in the AC that saves every day, LG smart inverter air conditioners are encompassed with mosquito away features that aid consumers to stay healthy at home. Taking consumer’s convenience to the next level, these air conditioners automatically adjusts to room temperature and use minimum energy to give enhanced cooling therefore save from high electricity bills. Unlike ordinary air conditioners, LG smart air conditioners don’t create unpleasant noise and ensure maximum peace.

At ACREX India 2016, Mr. Vijaya Babu, Business Head – RAC, LG India said, “We have gone to great lengths to develop technologies to enhance consumers experience with our products. This time at ACREX 2016, we are excited to introduce the advanced air conditioning solutions specially developed for Indian weather conditions. We aim to strengthen our market foothold in India by providing our customers the best that technology can offer.”
Other line up with smart features includes Wine Terminator, Crescent Terminator, Terminator,
new design of Aura floral, range of air purifiers are on display throughout the annual three-day show for manufacturing suppliers, buyers and users. LG products are always designed and developed to meet and exceed customer expectations. With 9 million happy customers, their latest range at ACREX India 2016 is yet another chapter in the story of continuous innovation.

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