The Mumbai Organic Fest ‘15’- 2nd Edition Hosted By Praakritik

Ms. Kavita Mukhi, the organiser of Farmers' Market with the farmers at the 'Mumbai Organic Fest 15'@Powai on 20th Dec '15

20th Dec ’15, Mumbai:  ‘Health is wealth’, it is the greatest gift and the greatest wealth by God. We all know, to ensure a good health we need to eat healthy, breath pure air and exercise. But in today’s time when everything is contaminated, how do we live health?

This is why ‘Praakritik’ organized the ‘Mumbai Organic Fest ‘15’ to get chemical free produce directly from the farms….. ‘Praakritik’, is an initiative to support the farmers from across Maharashtra and Gujarat in earning their livelihood. ‘The Mumbai Organic Fest’ which is a sub brand of ‘Praakritik’ is actually a platform which brings farmers directly (without middle men) to sell their produce at a no loss price to the consumers who are looking for chemical free produce at a good rate.

The ambience of ‘The Mumbai Organic Fest ‘resembled a village, which added to the feel. Farmers got their produce like: fruits, vegetables, honey, jaggery, pasta to name a few and everything organic directly to the consumers. Adding to the offerings- cosmetics, clothes, children activities like pottery making, potter painting, bangle making and other handicraft were the ones which caught attention of the kids.

On the other hand, live music and live food counters were crowded with the youngsters…. So, ‘The Mumbai Organic Fest’ was a fun place for family & kids and had something for everyone…

This time ‘The Mumbai Organic Fest’ had joined hands with ‘Kavita Mukhi’ who is a known personality behind the growth of organic farmer’s market. Kavita simplifies the essentials of ‘eating to live’. Her objective of life is to support the farmers to earn their living. She always strives to connect the farmers directly to the consumers to eliminate the middle men’s profit and hence giving a better life to the farmers. At the same place providing chemical free produce to the health conscious consumers.

On this occasion Ms. Dharmishtha Goenka, who owns ‘Praakritik’ and ‘The Mumbai Organic Fest’ says, “While I was working for Praakritik, on my journey I came across many organic farmers who were looking for an opportunity to connect with their consumers directly. At the same time, I meet people who wouldn’t mind paying a little more for their health and were looking for an authentic organic produce. That’s when I decided to create this platform ‘The Mumbai Organic Fest’.  Also, I thank Ms. Kavita Mukhi, for joining hands with us and supporting us in this noble cause.  She has been a pioneer in organizing Framers’ Market and I have learnt a lot from her.

This is the 2nd edition and I am glad with its success as the 1st one. Well, we are looking forward to organize many more such event in the future and hence keep bringing health and happiness in people life”.

On this occasion Ms. Kavita Mukhi, a known personality behind the growth of organic ‘Farmers Market’ says, “The Mumbai Organic Fest’ is a great initiative taken by ‘Praakritik’ for the welfare of the farmers who are into organic farming from Maharashtra and Gujarat. Today our farmers really need a platform to connect with their consumers directly, to earn their due. Also, it benefits our consumers in a big way, one, they get an authentic organic food, secondly they get it at a better rate.

I am glad to be a part of such initiative. I wish ‘The Mumbai Organic Fest’ growth and ‘welfare & respect’ to the farmers”.

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Sachin Murdeshwar
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